what’s it like,  love in future tense

( you think we sacrificed intensity for time? )
( maybe there’s always been beauty in urgency )

this is not turbulence. only free flowing

( you think we’ve traded luxuries? )
( clock hand movements for      space and
one and a half hour commute )
(not         double       digits )

did we douse the fire    did we smother it like a
child’s scream

stopped  wanting to show      ( other person)   around and no longer excited for this town. there is no light                                                                                                there is no light no desire
to   dip   our   fingers   in   the   ink   of   each   residential   border   and   hope  it  stains   us.

( please let the lampposts whisper our names as we skip past )
( please i want this to hurt so bad when you’re gone )
( please i want projector screens in my head with each step flooding. dripping with every )
( step )
( every sand-grain slip between
cracks. )( this is our hourglass that i cracked
willingly, and traded
for longevity )( and the familiar warmth )
( or so i thought )
( when it’s a new sun
everyday  )


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