do you think all storage spaces smell the same
its been raining for a while now here
(we’re only subtropic)


so my garage, my garage, out of all the places, it smells, it smells like storage it smells like
vacancy, like the empty like my father out on wednesday nights for tennis and thursdays for poker, or was it mondays, but fridays for his other, no vehicular occupant, not my mother with empty rooms    it smells like the summer storms i’ve stopped counting when
i tried to reason with my potential seasonal condition but they last three to four weeks, before the switch, you’re dual setting, with the humidity with the heat but always evergreen,   so when it smells like my father leaving it smells like storage without the exhaust, solely cardboard boxes and   the colour      brown,  like       the staircase in your childhood  home, the second  smells  like vacancy and the upstairs smells like the empty
when your sister’s in university and you’re running and another empty room, it’s almost distinct when it smells like lacking human entity   but   at   least   it was temporarily occupied, your teenage bedroom seasoned, three to four weeks, and moved downstairs as soon as i left like moving upstate as soon as we intersect and never stop moving.
it’s not a race with the mercury but its so close. mom in sunday plant markets she picks up tropical endemics, half burnt with no canopy, not the same shade of green.


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