aunty kath’s home bake

cookie cutter boy
template stencil like
the sprayed on image of nic, “without a k”, nic,
on your childhood bedroom ceiling.  vrrrt vrrrt
incoming text message at half past two
stepped out statelines for you   this is
cookie dough boy
incoming text message fifty past twenty-two
doesn’t think i can fix myself, googles:
empathy define. probably burnt all my love letters
tells me i should do better.
cylindrical tubes like dog food  stuffed into
hands, into mouths,  a bell ring at 3 sharp and
the schoolchildren floods into bi-lo for snacks
loiters in food courts with aunty kath’s home bakes
in chocolate chip or m&m’s     it is i  and my
platonic lover and split cylinder in half
but raw, malleable,
with an outrageous amount of kilojoules and bad for you
half-baked, half-baked, unfinished


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