11:59 05 (15)

  1. what made this our breaking point    you asked     and i was unsure   of where   to start:
  2. i never text you good morning anymore
  3. a typed-in  enemy label  two fold  on facebook search bars documented   like glances behind shoulders  like     “why were you looking at his facebook again” “shit,   man,
    i dunno, like, apparently he has a kid now”    “he has a kid now?”
  4. and listed parts of you i’d like to change
  5. see:       a nicer wardrobe
  6. see:       get a fucking haircut          (please don’t get a haircut) (you got a haircut) (fuck)
  7. see:       drive nice cars
  8. see:       … drive any car
  9. see:       … just get your fucking license please
  10. liked me for my worldliness. you for your wordiness (when am i ever gonna use idiosyncratic in a sentence? what the fuck does esoteric mean?)   but you’ve never stepped foot outside this country and that’s silly.      i am  ten years old and
    playmates  with  parents  spinning  monetary  webs  across  planets
  11. your best friend lived in a bus.   i like your family dynamics: flipped      non-
    patriarchal      pecuniary               your mother is terrifying
  12. stopped watching my snap stories  and told me it scared you
  13. see:       other people
  14. when the thirteenth came for the twelfth time   but my art assignment signpost secured priority       and you yelled at me, deservedly
  15. “remember when it took us three months to break up”                      like
    “a game of chicken”
  16. we sit and silence
  17. only beautiful from the outside now

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