of people and types and the things you keep when you’ve
packed your bags, accidental stolen souvenirs he told me, asked
politely,  klepto hands buttered and separative movement
like that necklace i slipped into overnight luggage pockets from my
ex’s parents’ house from egypt i still wear all the time
stuff it in, unknowing
but  less  literal  like
number 3. film classics in moonlight and a slow slip into cafe addiction
because naturally,    this is a yuppie suburb you live in and
the bardon house bitches keep coming in to complain about their
wagyu beef burgers at your store that never existed
and neighborhood coffee roasters have real plants but not bungalow
you only order takoyaki with me. why did you take your ex to our spot?
why did i take my ex to our spot? you dont even hang out at rics anymore
are these the things we keep when we’ve packed our bags when the
northern half of this city is mine but the horizon in the west still scare me
number 5. i listen to anderson .paak without you and snicker to myself
and restraints. nothing too similar when we’re too close like boundaries
we’re in the same boat and never took your word, this is distinct
your household. too used to shared spaces and chromecast there is no
conversation in this blue house on boundary    like the blue unit on brunswick
because it’s always boys in blue, figurative, literal
people stained with other people.
awake at 2 am and the phone rings its
walls of text in vibrations. she wants a quiet sunday
both our ghosts are named hannah but we are not lovers anymore
second time round with extra interruptions but you taught me
to split the bills and learn to  travel so i guess  i’ll also do that without you


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  1. i was given specific orders..
    i decided i would rebel against those orders via wordpress (:
    have fun be safe spread luv


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