a small list of things that have changed but not really we’re both still a synchronized mess so it doesn’t really matter, does it

the 475 is half-hourly now and there is twice as much hair. collective. as a unit. mine is longer (for once!) what a surprise. your fish and chips lady doesn’t remember me i don’t think, is she going to ask if we got back together? your housemate still equally as terrifying (there’s still fabric scraps on the floor) (it’s neverending). refused kitchen duty in new farm apartments but i cleaned 1 room out of 3 in this blue bardon house in a heartbeat. singlehanded glass bottler recycler. when will you stop smoking in your room? i ask. there are exactly three lighters on your bookshelf and one in your pocket jiggling on the way to work. i cross my fingers when i walk under signs and you haven’t stopped drinking long blacks. both partial to gin and tonics. you nibble on lemon rinds like mandarins and quit sugar. “scientists say psychopathic people really like bitter food” but that’s okay. we were never meant for empathy. tell your ex-girl you still love her i know i should do the same.


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