07:53 05 (17)

  1. there is no exploitation for fuel. burning embers you’re not singular energy source/ this love    does not make me want to love myself     (in the best possible way)
  2. does not leave me gasping for air with arm flails. reaching for the sky
  3. i have stopped trying to use big words now/ you don’t care for my synonyms but this is for myself     (is this how it feels to always ask for definitions)
  4. “you’re not in retrospect you’re now and happening and happening fast  how do i   capture you,    this is split second–”   (precisely10 weeks)
  5. but i want all the silence with you?            i want
    dragged out festivities led by yours truly and vice versa respective social outings and circles  but also      the nights when im on my own with my people and your snapchat shadow with a ten second window and a reminder.      we still love each other.                                                                “youtellmethatallthetime”
  6. my art teacher said i write like Kerouac and my brain wont let me stop but you leave me silent in your car in the AM on bitumen. on underdeveloped estate partialities and you tell me i look pretty in the light and we sit, finished, separated and rambling you want a sunroof in your car or anything that enables a better, increased, uninterrupted view of the sky and    “why don’t you cut a hole out”   “are you fucking retarded?”   “…don’t use that word”       i realize
  7. dawning on me.     if he was morning light           you are early hours. always darkness
  8. like vampires, gnashing teeth, snarling, scowling between the exact hours of
  9. 11 PM – 4 AM
  10. all my lovers have timestamps
  11. and colour coded, and metaphorical, and attached to symbols because isn’t that what i do best, isn’t that what i do best?                                                take the people out of people?
  12. this is your current version. untouched, unsoiled, unmodified. transfixed.
  13. how do i get you to traverse and transcend boxes without  feeling   (with your inevitable departure)      like i have just gotten the rug completely pulled out from under    my      feet?
  14. (guess that’s a problem for later)

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