third element in the periodic table

(my father has a strange way of dealing with his children )
doing a hundred or so northbound on this weekly exodus but it’s
different, this time, they notice, i know,
when forty six year old hands grip the steering wheel and likens my ailment to that one
scene in x-men (first? second? third? origins? first class?), maybe nonhuman fictional entities are worshiped too generously in this house. i wish it was as simple as being injected by a very hot shapeshifting woman in a pub bathroom at least it would be a singular occurence but this label says once a day for two hundred fucking tablets and frankly i find that tiring. chosen? an elaborate scheme? “There’s
something different about you today,”
my father, the Erik Lehnsherr
“Too much metal
in your blood”

i could be automatic–systematic–hydromatic—- i recollect
that night in that november with those people i loathe i loathe i loathe
Dr. (name undisclosed) with the wide eyes because this is the first time? is that not normal? i haven’t seen anyone else? just a counselor? nothing? nothing prescribed yet?
is that odd. this is odd. that is odd? oh. do you think that was significant impact?
“It’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone”   Well, this room is nicer than all the others in the medical center.  whispered  “Since twelve”  and sadness. secondhand rusty glory
bout to put through Thunder Road. in the checklist the box for substance dependency is
empty.  Dr. nameundisclosed laughs. “Good news!”

hey! Isn’t this a wonderful coincidence? all my life I’ve never known grey, i said,
only black and white, only binaries (charge) i did this assignment once in grade 12 about binaries and now i know more synonyms for binaries than I know what to do with like
contradictions/opposites/contrast/antithetic (charge) this one time, in grade six
everybody found out i could sing i chose “hot n cold” by katy perry (charge) there’s two
of us. there’s two of this. (charge) polarities. (charge)  i can count in
four and a half languages.
dua-song-ithnen-er-dos-deux-             (i googled the rest)

1/3rd of the originals synthesized in the big bang like
God knew, my father said, God knew what he was getting himself into


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