things to ask your psychologist:

i like people when they’re
temporary best, my boyfriend
speaks of
“”” deep spiritual connections “”” at
Parties like, he was incapable of
a sober
equivalent, told him I’m not a drug enthusiast like he is (IdontneedtorunIhavenothingtorunawayfrom)(itsallrighthereinfrontofme) I like
non-altered states of consciousness (becauseIcanfunctioninthis?)
degree (?) of normalcy (?)
and every
waking moment we share together I am reminded that we are only
in wavelengths, impermanent, like when we met, it was fine then this is
Divine intervention and
“””the universe, maaan “””
not coincidence not
chance, all calculated, orchestrated by something
Bigger and better and grander than we will ever be and
(Jesus Christ, Isaac)
howcanyouletallouratomscollide knowing it’ll
collapse on itself, on each other, I sit in New Farm park in broad daylight it’s
“licensed now”, we cradle bottles in fists and nicotine on pointer fingers,
(none of your friends have direction baby)
1. a tradie
2. (what the fuck does he even do) (sorry Dec) (?professional door yeller?)
3. backpacker and you
(it’s okay neither do mine)
You you you aren’t you
special and forgiving and all my free passes, saturday nights with music I don’t like and conversations I barely understand

LIFE HACK: if you hold a book between your lap and corneas in social settings not a phone you’ll look smart instead of simply,  ~*~anti-social~*~

this past 24 hours have been
as you might like to call it


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